Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chief Fun

Heading out for an adventure.

Checking out the local talent in an op shop.

A quick pit stop.

Rushing around in a vineyard in the middle of nowhere.

Hiding out in my bag.

Enjoying a dip in the pool.

A good friend of mine was doing laps of Chapel St. and drinking copious amounts of coffee and stumbled across a rubber duck and immediately thought of me. Those that know me well and those that make eye contact with me for a brief second in between parking their car and running into the supermarket to grab a litre of milk would both know that I have an obsession with Native American things. This duck does too.

The BUD company have been producing these ducks for a while now and I've always thought them rather tiresome. Not any more. I took the duck my friend bought for me all the way to Renmark on a road trip and it had a wonderful time. Here's some photos from it's adventure. And in Native American Indian tradition it is named after the first thing it saw - Little River Help Phone (LRHP). Enjoy.

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  1. haha i have one :) it's multicoloured checked