Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attention: Curiouser Than Usual Book Club

I have good news. After such a fantastic effort on the part of the club last read I am going to set you all a new book. It was amazing having people tell me, (many people that hadn't actually commented on the blog, but read the book along with us and really enjoyed it) how much they'd liked the book, or not, and why. And a lot of people had some fantastic insights.

This time we're going to make it a bit different. Still feel free to comment on the online/blog section, but this time I'm going to give people the chance to email images and other media and text types. All emails, etc. will be made into posts and put on the blog for all to see. It will make the whole process much more accessible and interactive, which is what this blog is about.

So get ready for the next chapter of the Curiouser Than Usual Book Club and grab yourself a copy of HUCKLEBERRY FINN. More on the book choice later.

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