Sunday, January 16, 2011

Move Over Batman

Seattle has a crime problem, like every other city in the world, however one of its crime-solution is unlike any other; it has real life super heros. Seriously. Meet Phoenix Jones, self-professed super hero, doing what every citizen only dreams of. He kits himself up in his kevlar torso suit, mask, gloves and tighty tights and prowls the city in search of trouble.

Apparently Phoenix and his other super hero members call 911 if they see something going down, then intervene with force. They've come to the rescue of hundreds of would be victims and often restrain the offender until the police arrive.

He does need to protect himself and has been injured in his efforts several times. It seems as if this is just part of the job though and nothing deters him. He carries with him a Tazer, net-gun, and grappling hook. I really wish I could hang out with this guy. Check out the video.

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